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We receive inquiries from fellow genealogists. If you can shed some insight, let us know in the comments below or by emailing us at

Name: Jerry Vaughan McMichael

Subject: 1st Texas Partisan Rangers Message: Could you recommend any almost hidden resources on the 1st Texas Partisan Rangers which is very scant online. Ran across one Master's thesis on the subject by a graduate at Texas Tech, and one muster roll which was insufficient? I know Humble is a long ways from East Texas where Lane's Rangers were from--I am a Galena Park High School graduate--but as a Texas genealogical society you may have stumbled across something. thank you, Jerry McMichael Please don't bother with the classical resources like the confederate museum at Hill college and the texas state resources or generally online as those generally online as those for years have been researched. the CCGS of which I am a member has been helpful. Name: Gary Tober

Question: Is the Cleveland-Partlow House on Grand St.?

Thanks for helping us all learn together.

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