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June 26, 2018, 1 PM

2041 Deerbrook, Kingwood/ Kingwood Family History Center

This is a great opportunity to understand how to find various books, browse-only collections, and really make use of the FamilySearch catalog. Bring your questions. Bring a friend. Very helpful information if you are planning to join us on the October Research Trip. Hope to see you there. Karen Rasmussen

Fall Research Trip to Salt Lake City, Utah Family History Library October 17-24, 2018

Contact Patsy McLaughlin at 832-439-8045,, for a reservation and information. Bring a friend! This is a great opportunity to make a concentrated effort on one of your big research issues. Under the THAGS reservation, reduced rate on room at the hotel next to the library. Everyone arranges for their own transportation and food. A few group activities are optional. We are really hoping to get at least a few more committed to this trip. Lots more would also be great.


Monday, July 9th, Spring Creek BBQ, 6 PM. Only 2 Weeks away.

Address is 5613 FM 1960, Humble Texas (Atascocita Area, near 1960 and Timber Forest.

Just come on it, order and get your food, and join us in the room at the end of the service room.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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