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LOTS of THAGS Information...

Dear THAGS Members:

Welcome back to a new year of society meetings and events. Our September meeting is just around the corner. Your THAGS board has met and discussed many topics relevant to you. Please take some time to read through this message. Let us know if you have questions or concerns.


1. September THAGS Monthly Meeting

Monday, September 10, 2018 at 7 PM

Location:Philip Cezeaux Recreation Building, 100 North Houston Ave, Humble, TX

Speaker & Topic:Lisa Toth-Salinas

All I Ever Wanted to Know About Genealogy I Learned in Kindergarten: A Back to Basics Look at the Genealogical Research Process

Bring a Friend!!

Pay your annual dues that night!!

Door Prize: 1 Registration (for you or friend, or refund) to our Research eConference!

Join with friends at Denny’s after the meeting if desired

2. September Clayton Library Bus Trip

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Contact Pam Walton to reserve a spot. 281-358-6449

We meet at Stein Mart and travel together by bus, spend the day at the library, and return to parking lot late afternoon.Must be 55 or older to ride bus, cost $1.

3. THAGS Back to Research eConference Fundraiser

This is our primary fundraiser for the year—please support our society.You can watch the conference live or have up to 30 days to watch the recordings as many times as you want.

Register at:

Saturday, September 22, 2018

8:30 AM to 3:00 PM Central Time

Early bird registration ends September 15th($19.99), afterwards ($24.99)


David Lambert—Early New England Resource Overview

Tammy Tipler—Priolo, Avoid Distractions—Stick to the Research Plan

Melanie McComb—Read all about it! Newspapers

Tessa Keough—An Introduction to One Name Studies

Please share this information with your genealogy friends and sign up yourself!!

You can pay for yourself and others online with a credit card.

4. Salt Lake Family History Library Trip

We still have rooms available at the Plaza Hotel for anyone wanting to join us on this trip.Cut off date for room reservations is September 17th.

Contact Patsy McLaughlin for more information.832-439-8045.

Trip:October 17-24, 2018

If you need any information or help preparing for the trip, please let Patsy and/or Karen Rasmussen know.


1. Membership Dues

Dues for the 2018/2019 year are now due.Membership is $17 per individual or $20 per family…or you can choose to support at a higher level (Sponsor, Patron, Benefactor, Life).The form is available on our websitewww.humblegen.orgClick meetings, and choose Join from the dropdown menu, then click print this form to see all the information.

Checks can be made to THAGS or The Humble Area Genealogical Society

You do not have to fill out a form if you are renewing, but this is an opportunity to update your surnames list and information…so feel free to fill out a form.

You can also pay by credit card via pay pal!The link is on the Join page.

2. Membership Directory

David Taylor (thankfully) maintains our membership directory.Be sure to pass along any changes in your information.He will get with new members for photos, etc.The digital directory will be sent out in a bit, with a printed directory for those interested about November.

3. Newsletter: Article Submissions

The focus or purpose of our society newsletter has changed from what it was decades ago.Then, the focus of the newsletter was to exchange information with other societies in the hopes of making useful personal research connections.Today, the purpose is more about sharing between members of our society—getting to know each other better, helping each other with research, connecting.SO….we really need each of you to share!Share!Share! Share!Share an experience from your life or the life of one of your ancestors.Tell us about research you have been working on and what is or is not working.Share the recipe you will make at our upcoming Christmas pot luck.There are no rights or wrongs about what you share.Once we have 24 pages…the newsletter will be published for all to enjoy.Please send your submissions to Devon Lee,

4. Change in Bylaws

For your awareness, at the September meeting we will propose the following change to our bylaws:

Section 1. The elected officers of THAGS shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Elected Board Members will include Board Member #1, Board Member #2, and Board Member #3.

Section 2. All elected positions are for a 2-year term. No person shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms or 4 consecutive years in any one elected office. The position of President, Secretary and Board Member #1 shall be elected in the odd-numbered years, and the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Board Member #2, and Board Member #3 shall be elected in the even-numbered years. The term of office for newly elected positions begins September 1st following the election.

The proposed change in the current by-laws to replace the line shown in bold above.

The term of office for newly elected positions begins as soon as they are installed at the May general meeting.

We will vote on the proposal at the October meeting.

5. Genealogy Panel

We plan to have one of our meetings this year be a panel of members who are willing to give research advice for genealogy questions and/or brick walls.If you are willing to be on the panel, please let Devon Lee know.Thank you.

6. THAGS Library, Questionnaire, Obituaries

The Humble Area Genealogical Society maintains a genealogy research library at Lone Star College, North Harris Campus.It is really quite a remarkable collection that has taken THAGS years to accumulate and involved considerable expense on the part of the membership.In addition, some members have donated personal and/or family papers and collections to the library.

Unfortunately, the library is very underused.Some of this might be attributed to the location of the library, some might be attributed to changes in how research is done.

As a THAGS board, we would like to initiate with you a discussion about the future of the library.As a starting point, at our September meeting, a questionnaire about the library will be distributed.Please plan to complete the questionnaire and share with us your thoughts about the library.

Other News:

Texas State Genealogical Society.

--invites you to become a member!

--Conference, November 2-4, “Journey through Generations”

Saturday, September 8, Frank Billingsley tells his DNA story at the Houston Forum. Should be a fascinating meeting. If interested in carpooling, contact Pam Walton 281-358-6449

Wow!I f you made it to this point in this news brief, you deserve a gold star!Give yourself a pat on the back!We can hardly wait to be with you again at our September meeting.

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