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It was wonderful to see everyone at our first meeting of the THAGS year. Already looking forward to seeing ya’ll at our next meeting.

Reminders for the week:

Tuesday, September 18: Clayton Library Bus Trip. Come and Go from Stein Mart Parking Lot. Call Pam Walton if you have questions.

Saturday, September 22: THAGS Back 2 Research eConference. Support THAGS. Register today at 8:30 AM CT

At our meeting last Monday, we brought up the concept of the THAGS library. We took a short survey about the library. Some of the comments showed that our members are not really sure what is in the library. So…watch for an email with an attached spread sheet showing our holdings.

Coming Up:

October 1, 2018: Board Meeting: 7 PM Kingwood Library

October 8, 2018: Monthly Meeting: “History and Genealogy: Where They Overlap and Where They Don’t” by Tracy Daniel

(Wear a sweater, our new location can be kind of tricky to get the temperature stable.)

October 16, 2018: Clayton Library Bus Trip. Let Pam Walton know you are interested.

October 17-24, 2018: Salt Lake City Research Trip

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