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THAGS Meeting for January 2019

Coming up Soon...on

Monday, January 14, 2019, 7:00 PM

Phillip Cezeaux Rec Bldg. 100 N. Houston Av, Humble

Facilitator: Jerry Elzinga, President and found of Lasting Family Legacy, a non -profit charitable program that assist the terminally ill in documenting their life story so it can be left as an heirloom for their surviving family.

Program: Writing Your Personal History. Be sure to get this date on your calendar, so you can join us!!

THAGS Board Meeting.

This Monday, January 7, 2019

7:00 PM, Kingwood Library

Anyone is welcome to attend

Bella Becho Book & Print Bindery and

Harris County Archives Bus Trip

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Meets at Stein Mar parking lot, 1153 Kingwood Drive

Bus loads at 9:15 AM

Bus returns at 3:45 PM. Cost for bus: $1

Come join us on this great outing!! Contact Pam Walton,, 281-358-6449 to make a reservation.

More details:

A new year is approaching and also a special bus outing is scheduled for you. We will be visiting a book bindery in the morning and learn more about how books and photo albums, cookbooks, and other items are bound. We will have lunch at Jason's followed by a special presentation at the Harris County Archives, by archivist Sarah Jackson. She will be covering topics on how to repair the family Bible, cookbooks, how to clean your books, how to clean books covered with worn leather, how to preserve newspaper clippings, how to preserve family papers and photographs, best way to frame old documents and photos to preserve them, how to flatten long rolled up photos, and best way to preserve the family scrapbook and photo album. Sarah suggests bringing along any of these items you might have that was mentioned and she will have a hands on demonstration.

News from other societies and sources:


It’s time to start a new year and see what adventures your research will take you on…

DNA research is one of those adventures.

Janine Cloud, Surname Project Manager for our local FTDNA will present a program to answer some of those

“Most Frequently Asked Questions” on Thursday, January 10, 2019 from 1-3PM

at the Westlake VFD Community Building, 19636 Saums Rd. North of I10 on Fry Rd & East of Fry Rd and the light at Saums Rd.

If you have a list to submit, please send to Tom at to forward to her to include in her presentation.

Our DNA presentations are usually highly attended so count on a pretty good crowd for this one & all meetings areFREE.

Refreshments provided by the membership at all meetings.

From Texas State Genealogical Society:

Join the Early Texans DNA Project!

The Early Texans DNA database is now live! Those who join the Early Texans DNA project can compare their DNA to other Early Texans descendants and collaboratively work to solve early Texas genealogical mysteries. The project helps participants study the DNA of descendants of early settlers to discover information that can contribute to Texas history including:

  • Determine which admixtures are found in living Texans today.

  • Link those admixture results to early colonies or settlements.

  • Learn which segments of DNA are shared with other descendants of early settlers of Texas.

  • Assist those applying for TxSGS Heritage Certificates. DNA matches support claims of descent from a common ancestor and can provide clues as to where to locate documentary evidence.

Watch for many more exciting projects in the future! Who can participate?

Membership in the project is open to everyone who has an ancestor that came to Texas by 31 December 1900. Those whose ancestors did not arrive while Texas was a Republic still have DNA that can help us make discoveries about our ancestors! How do I join? If you tested your DNA at Family Tree DNA, join the Early Texans DNA project. Instructions are found at If you tested at a company other than Family Tree DNA, download your raw DNA data from that company and upload this DNA data file to Family Tree DNA. A small fee allows you to unlock FamilyTreeDNA's DNA analysis tools. Once your DNA data file is uploaded, join the Early Texans DNA project as described above. After joining the Early Texans DNA project, submit the project application form found here (.PDF). This will allow us to link the Family Tree DNA kit number with your lineage. The lineages are uploaded to the Early Texans DNA database, building an early Texan family tree that may help researchers solve early Texan brick walls.

Provide a completed project application form by January 15 to be entered in a drawing for a free DNA Kit!!!

Great news for procrastinators! TxSGS leaders have extended the deadline to January 15th for eligibility to win a DNA kit after submitting your application forms to the Early Texans DNA Project. The database is online at Project information is available at The application form, which must be completed to be eligible to win free DNA test, is online at The December 2018 issue of Stirpes includes a detailed article on the Early Texans DNA Database. See that issue, once it is published, for more information. The database is now live and can be explored by current and potential project members. Simply use the login "guest" and password "guest".

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