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Just around the Corner....our Summer Social BBQ

Date: Monday, July 8, 2024

Time: 6 PM

Where: Spring Creek BBQ

5613 FM 1960, Atascocita

We hope you are all having a wonderful sizzling summer with lots fun trips and activities. Don't forget to put our Summer Social on your schedule. It is just over a week away. How does it work? We all show up at the restaurant at about 6 PM. Each person orders and pays for what they want. Then join the group in the private room for a big chat. Hope to see you there!

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Jun 29

Made an interesting trip. Located a long lost family member. Have a question or need some advice. Bring the information with you and let’s chat. Let’s make a square of tables so we can chat. It’s our chance to visit with each other. Not with just the one at your table. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Dathryn

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