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Be sure to put our Summer Social on your calendar!!

Date: Monday, July 10, 2023

Time: 6:00 PM

Place: Spring Creek BBQ in Atascocita. 5613 FM 1960 Rd East, Humble, TX (Corner of Oak Timbers & 1960)


Thank you to those who expressed an initial interest in a trip to Salt Lake City to visit the FamilySearch Research Library. The interest was split equally between a trip during ROOTSTECH and a trip in APRIL. Here is a little bit more information to consider. All the prices given are as if we booked today (are are certainly not firm, nor do they have the taxes added, etc.). They are just to give you some idea of the cost involved.

1) Rootstech Trip: February 28 to March 6 (1 week, Wednesday to Wednesday)

Rootstech itself is Feb 29, Mar 1, Mar 2

Plaza Hotel (next to library) has rooms with 2 queen beds for about $220 a night as per website.

Thus, if two people share this room, it would be $110 a night each. When I talked with the hotel, they will not offer society rates during ROOTSTECH, and ask that each person make their own reservations. If we go this route Karen R will talk to hotel again and see if they can offer any better rates to us.

Airbnb: A less expensive option may be an Airbnb. Karen R will have a rental car at her expense whenever we go (want to visit with family as well). There are also quite a number on 400 S or University Blvd. This the street the Train runs along and has all the typical restaurants and fast food on, which gives an added transportation alternative. As I recall, the train goes north at main street and goes to the Plaza hotel stop.

Rootstech in person usually costs about $100

Airfare: Rountrip currently on expedia for these dates is about $400

Total Cost would be about: $1200 plus food (could be quite a bit less depending on airfare and housing)

2) April Trip: April 11-18 or could adjust (1 week, Thursday to Thursday)

Plaza Hotel: Karen R is double checking. I think the rate is $110 for 2 queens a night. But maybe wrong. They will give us a genealogy society rate, whatever that is.

Airfare: Rountrip currently on expedia for these dates is $472, but may come down.

Total Cost: may possible be around $900 plus food if you share a room (could be less)

Karen Rasmussen is looking for on going input and interest in finalizing dates. Please email me at on your thoughts. I may take two trips.

Note: If you really want to come and are looking for less expensive options, Allegiant Airline now flies twice a week from Houston (hobby) to Provo. Fares can be very cheap if you go with limited extras. There is a train from Provo to SLC.


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